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Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community

Updated 6 hours ago

A local-first personal finance system

Updated 7 hours ago

SearXNG is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from various search services and databases. Users are neither tracked nor profiled.

Updated 8 hours ago

GStreamer multimedia framework

Updated 8 hours ago

Bonfire - tend to your digital life in community. Customise and host your own online space and control your experience at the most granular level.

Updated 10 hours ago

Pleroma backend

Updated 11 hours ago

S3-compatible object store for small self-hosted geo-distributed deployments

Updated 12 hours ago

Woodpecker is a community fork of the Drone CI system.

Updated 13 hours ago

🐀 Building a federated link aggregator in rust

Updated 15 hours ago

GStreamer plugins written in Rust. *These plugins can be used by applications written in other programming languages as well of course, they are just like any other GStreamer plugins available on the system.*

Updated 17 hours ago

StatsD to Prometheus metrics exporter

Updated 18 hours ago

wallabag is a self hostable application for saving web pages: Save and classify articles. Read them later. Freely.

Updated 22 hours ago

A simple image host

Updated 1 day ago

Social reading and reviewing, decentralized with ActivityPub

Updated 1 day ago

Actual's server

Updated 1 day ago

GStreamer bindings for Rust

Updated 1 day ago

A curated list of server applications with support for the ActivityPub protocol (Fediverse network) and related standards.

Updated 1 day ago

Free and Open Source Machine Translation API. 100% self-hosted, offline capable and easy to setup.

Updated 2 days ago

Curated list of resources for Embedded and Low-level development in the Rust programming language

Updated 2 days ago