GStreamer plugins written in Rust. *These plugins can be used by applications written in other programming languages as well of course, they are just like any other GStreamer plugins available on the system.*
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gst-plugins-rs pipeline status

Repository containing various GStreamer plugins and elements written in the Rust programming language.

The plugins build upon the GStreamer Rust bindings. Check the of that repository also for details about how to set-up your development environment.


You will find the following plugins in this repository:

  • generic

    • file: A Rust implementation of the standard filesrc and filesink elements

    • sodium: Elements to perform encryption and decryption using libsodium.

    • threadshare: Some popular threaded elements reimplemented using common thread-sharing infrastructure.

  • net

    • aws: Various elements for Amazon AWS services using the AWS SDK library

      • s3src/s3sink: A source and sink element to talk to the Amazon S3 object storage system.
      • s3hlssink: A sink element to store HLS streams on Amazon S3.
      • awstranscriber: an element wrapping the AWS Transcriber service.
      • awstranscribeparse: an element parsing the packets of the AWS Transcriber service.
    • hlssink3: An element for generating MPEG-TS HLS streams.

    • ndi: An NDI plugin containing a source, sink and device provider.

    • onvif: Various elements for parsing, RTP (de)payloading, overlaying of ONVIF timed metadata.

    • quinn: Transfer data over the network using QUIC

      • quinnquicsink/quinnquicsrc: Send and receive data using QUIC
    • raptorq: Encoder/decoder element for RaptorQ RTP FEC mechanism.

    • reqwest: An HTTP source element based on the reqwest library.

    • rtp:

      • rtpav1pay / rtpav1depay: RTP (de)payloader for the AV1 video codec.

      • rtpgccbwe: RTP bandwidth estimator based on the Google Congestion Control algorithm.

    • webrtc: WebRTC elements, with batteries included Sink elements for specific signalling protocols.

    • webrtchttp: Simple WebRTC HTTP elements (WHIP/WHEP).

  • audio

    • audiofx: Elements to apply audio effects to a stream

    • claxon: A FLAC decoder based on the Claxon library.

    • csound: A plugin to implement audio effects using the Csound library.

    • lewton: A Vorbis decoder based on the lewton library.

    • spotify: A plugin to access content from Spotify based on the librespot library.

  • video

    • cdg: A parser and renderer for CD+G karaoke data.

    • closedcaption: Plugin to deal with closed caption streams

      • ccdetect: Detects if a stream contains active Closed Captions.
      • cea608overlay: Overlay CEA-608 / EIA-608 closed captions over a video stream.
      • cea608tojson: Convert CEA-608 / EIA-608 closed captions to a JSON stream.
      • cea608tott: Convert CEA-608 / EIA-608 closed captions to timed text.
      • jsontovtt: Convert JSON to timed text.
      • mccenc: Convert CEA-608 / EIA-608 and CEA-708 / EIA-708 closed captions to the MCC format.
      • mccparse: Parse CEA-608 / EIA-608 and CEA-708 / EIA-708 closed captions from the MCC format.
      • sccenc: Convert CEA-608 / EIA-608 closed captions to the MCC format.
      • sccparse: Parse CEA-608 / EIA-608 closed captions from the MCC format.
      • transcriberbin: Convenience bin around transcriber elements like aws_transcriber.
      • tttocea608: Convert timed text to CEA-608 / EIA-608 closed captions.
      • tttojson: Convert timed text to JSON.
    • dav1d: AV1 decoder based on the dav1d library.

    • ffv1: FFV1 decoder based on the ffv1 library.

    • gif: A GIF encoder based on the gif library.

    • gtk4: A GTK4 video sink that provides a GdkPaintable for UI integration.

    • hsv: Plugin with various elements to work with video data in hue, saturation, value format

      • hsvdetector: Mark pixels that are close to a configured color in HSV format.
      • hsvfilter: Apply various transformations in the HSV colorspace.
    • png: PNG encoder based on the png library.

    • rav1e: AV1 encoder based on the rav1e library.

    • videofx: Plugin with various video filters.

      • roundedcorners: Element to make the corners of a video rounded via the alpha channel.
      • colordetect: A pass-through filter able to detect the dominant color(s) on incoming frames, using color-thief.
      • videocompare: Compare similarity of video frames. The element can use different hashing algorithms like Blockhash, DSSIM, and others.
    • webp: WebP decoder based on the libwebp-sys-2 library.

  • mux

    • flavors: FLV demuxer based on the flavors library.

    • fmp4: A fragmented MP4/ISOBMFF/CMAF muxer for generating e.g. DASH/HLS media fragments.

    • mp4: A non-fragmented MP4 muxer for generating MP4 files.

  • text

    • ahead: A plugin to display upcoming text buffers ahead.

    • json: A plugin to convert a stream of JSON objects to a higher level wrapped NDJSON output.

    • regex: A regular expression text filter plugin.

    • wrap: A plugin to perform text wrapping with hyphenation.

  • utils

    • fallbackswitch:

      • fallbackswitch: An element that allows falling back to different sink pads after a timeout based on the sink pads' priorities.
      • fallbacksrc: Element similar to urisourcebin that allows configuring a fallback audio/video if there are problems with the main source.
    • livesync: Element to maintain a continuous live stream from a potentially unstable source.

    • togglerecord: Element to enable starting and stopping multiple streams together.

    • tracers: Plugin with multiple tracers:

      • buffer-lateness: Records lateness of buffers and the reported latency for each pad in a CSV file. Contains a script for visualization.
      • pipeline-snapshot: Creates a .dot file of all pipelines in the application whenever requested.
      • queue-levels: Records queue levels for each queue in a CSV file. Contains a script for visualization.
    • uriplaylistbin: Helper bin to gaplessly play a list of URIs.


gst-plugins-rs relies on cargo-c to generate shared and static C libraries. It can be installed using:

$ cargo install cargo-c

Then you can easily build and test a specific plugin:

$ cargo cbuild -p gst-plugin-cdg
$ GST_PLUGIN_PATH="target/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/debug:$GST_PLUGIN_PATH" gst-inspect-1.0 cdgdec

Replace x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu with your system's Rust target triple (rustc -vV).

The plugin can also be installed system-wide:

$ cargo cbuild -p gst-plugin-cdg --prefix=/usr
$ cargo cinstall -p gst-plugin-cdg --prefix=/usr

This will install the plugin to /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0. You can use --libdir to pass a custom lib directory such as /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu for example.

Note that you can also just use cargo directly to build Rust static libraries and shared C libraries. cargo-c is mostly useful to build static C libraries and generate pkg-config files.

In case cargo complains about dependency versions after a git pull, cargo update may be able to resolve those.


gst-plugins-rs and all crates contained in here are licensed under one of the following licenses

GStreamer itself is licensed under the Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or (at your option) any later version:


Any kinds of contributions are welcome as a merge request.

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in gst-plugins-rs by you shall be licensed under the license of the plugin it is added to.

For new plugins the MPL-2 license is preferred.