A useless C2S ActivityPub server
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Fuwuqi (fúwùqì or 服务器 means "server" in Chinese) is a useless C2S ActivityPub server for "extremely hardcore" ActivityPub enthusiasts. Craft your own exquisite WebFinger response! Customize your actor object exactly like you want! Hack and extend the (100+ε)-line Python server code! 100% guarenteed™ to federate with Mastodon! It's like Honk, but instead of politely refusing to hold your hand, it chucks you straight into the deep end of the pool.


You will need:

  1. 1x server with a domain name and reverse proxy
  2. 1x client device (can be same as server)
  3. 2x Python, cryptography, requests on both server and client
  4. 1x brain fluent in Python and ActivityPub
  5. 1x pain tolerance

First, clone this repo on your server and your client device.

Now, generate an RSA keypair on your client device:

openssl genrsa -out private.pem 2048
openssl rsa -in private.pem -outform PEM -pubout -out public.pem

On the server, rename users/test.jsonld to your username and pop it open in your favorite text editor. You should change 0.exozy.me to match your server's domain name, test to your username, and the publicKeyPem field to the public key you just generated.

Onward! Now open .well-known/webfinger in your editor, and modify it similarly. Finally, open server.py and update the domain, obviously.

That wasn't so bad, was it? (sobbing sounds)


Alright, time for the real deal. Start up python server.py on your server, and reverse-proxy it so you actually have TLS. If you want to customize the port or whatever, just change the source code.

Now on your client device, open up your favorite C2S ActivityPub client... oh wait... there aren't any! Welp, you'll just have to settle for reading the AP spec, writing some homemade JSON, and figuring out how python client.py works. That's rough, buddy. You'll have to learn how to manually write Notes, manually accept follow requests, and more! You can find some examples in this repo. HTTP signatures are generated client-side, for no good reason other than it works. If you want to view your unread messages, just curl your inbox and pipe it into jq. You can even use Git to keep track of which items in your inbox you're read since it's all just some simple plaintext. Easy as that. (screaming in pain sounds)

Enjoy your new "extremely hardcore" ActivityPub server!!! 🎉😎🚀🙃🥳


Since Fuwuqi's code is super duper easy to read and extend, the following features are left as an exercise to the reader:

  • Multi-user support (hint: dynamically generate .well-known/webfinger instead of serving a static file)
  • S2S processing for likes and announces
  • Deleting posts
  • JSON-LD (hint: don't do it, your brain will thank you)
  • Lots of pain